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UPS systems

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) serves as an interface between the supply network and the load, it guarantees continuity and high reliability in the power supply. The UPS systems from Westhaus Energietechnik GmbH ensure an uninterruptible power supply to consumers even in the event of a power failure and are the simplest method of bridging grid disturbances. In addition, the use of the UPS ensures high power quality for the consumers.
UPS systems have a convenient monitoring system and quickly provide diagnostic data regarding the condition of the system. They can be operated in parallel to increase performance or to provide the necessary redundancy.

UPS systems work thanks to online technology with double conversion (UPS-CIB), i.e. the consumers are always supplied by the active source (inverter or switching device). The built-in charging unit supplies the full load current of the inverter and simultaneously charges the batteries or keeps them fully charged. In the event of a power failure, the inverter is supplied directly from the battery without interrupting the output voltage. If the battery is discharged below its available capacity, the inverter switches off automatically.
To overhaul the UPS or the battery, the system has a bypass switch that disconnects the entire system from the load while the load continues to be supplied with mains voltage.

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