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Rectifier modules

Rectifier module
Rectifier modules from Westhaus Energietechnik GmbH are used in telecommunications, in industrial control systems and for charging and buffering stationary batteries in power and transformer stations.
Whether standard rectifiers or adapted to specific requirements, we are your competent partner.

Our WHR series power supply modules are convection cooled. The modules are rear-contacted They are available in single- and three-phase. Due to their modular concept, they are able to supplement the power supply with additional modules according to current power requirements. The rectifier modules have hot plug-in capacity.
Default values can be set manually for internal control and monitoring. When operating with a control and monitoring unit, the devices receive their operating parameters via the bus system. In the event of an interruption or controller failure, the modules continue to operate with the set default values.
The modules operate with high efficiency.
Voltage and current can be read off via a LED display.

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