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Rectifier and inverter systems

Schaltschrank Gleich- und Wechselrichter

Our power supply systems are configured to your requirements or can be offered as standard systems. They are characterised by high efficiency and high flexibility. They are used in transformer and power stations, in the telecommunications, railway and industrial sectors, or wherever secured voltages are required. Our rectifier systems can be offered with thyristor or switched-mode technology. The battery is charged according to a regulated IU characteristic in accordance with DIN 41772.

Options include the following:

  • Mains / phase monitoring
  • Mains / phase monitoring
  • Automatic activation of the high-rate
  • charge Battery circuit monitoring
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • Fuse trip monitoring
  • System fault detection
  • Switch-off on deep discharge
  • Counter cell control
  • Lighting control in the object
  • Temperature-controlled charging characteristic

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